The Cyprus Economic Society (CES) was founded in 1962 as a non-profit organisation with the general aim of promoting the study of economics in Cyprus. CES today operates according to its original mission namely, ‘to combine practical economic research with public debate and policy making’. This is achieved through publications, public lectures, discussion events, seminars and conferences.
A central activity of CES is the Annual Lecture in Economics, which is a public lecture delivered by a renowned economist on a significant public policy issue. Guest speakers have included Paul De Grauwe (2015), Charles Wyplosz (2014), Charles Calomiris (2013), Christopher Pissarides (2000), Robert Solow (1994) and many others.
During the period 1988 – 2013, CES published a refereed journal; first, The Cyprus Journal of Economics and then its successor, Ekonomia. Currently, the Society collaborates with the Economics Research Centre of the University of Cyprus and its six-monthly publication, the Cyprus Economic Policy Review.
In 2010, motivated by the global economic crisis and particularly the Greek crisis, CES initiated a series of closed discussion events under the Chatham House rule. These events, usually restricted to members, have proved particularly popular and continue under the generic framework of discussion forums. Material provided or produced in terms of presentation slides and proceedings are circulated to members only and press releases may at times accompany these events.
CES also holds workshops and seminars exclusively for members. In this case we take advantage of the Annual Lecture in Economics and other opportunities which may also arise in the context of activities of affiliated institutions, such as the University of Cyprus, to organise these events. This is an opportunity for members to participate in high level discussions on topical issues led by a guest economist.
The Cyprus Economics Society is also member of the International Economics Association (IEA), a renowned international organisation with wide global membership. We contribute an annual fee and are eligible to attend and contribute to the activities of the IEA in terms of presentations at their international conferences. Participation in these conferences is funded by the IEA.
The funding of the Society’s activities derives from membership fees and from donations from public institutions. In this regard, we are grateful to the Bank of Cyprus for consistently supporting the Annual Lecture in Economics as sponsor and co-organiser. We are also grateful to the Central Bank of Cyprus for being a generous sponsor and to Hellenic Bank for its financial contributions. In addition, our affiliation with the University of Cyprus, through the Department of Economics and the School of Economics and Management, goes back many years and remains a strong support.
The membership fee is €20 per year. All income received through membership fees and donations are used exclusively for the purpose of funding the Society’s activities.
Members are entitled to participate in all of the Society’s activities and to receive all research material that is made available. Members receive exclusive invitations to closed events. These include the discussion forums, workshops and seminars that are organised from time to time. A website is being planned which will host a public area and a members only area.