Past Annual Lectures

May 23, 2019
 ”Keeping Deepened Euro Area on the Agenda”, Rolf Strauch, Chief Economist and Management Board Member of the ESM

June 1, 2018
”Harnessing Globalisation”, Pascal Lamy,President Emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute – Paris-based Think Tank working on European integration –formerly Director General of the World Trade Organisation 2005-2013, EU Trade Commissioner 1999-2004and Head of Cabinet to the President of the European Commission Jacques Delors including the role
of the G7 Sherpa 1984-1994

May 25, 2017
”Challenges of the Eurozone: Can the Euro Survive?”,  Peter Bofinger, Universität Würzburg, German Council of Economic Experts

  June 2, 2016
”Fiscal Federalism: Public Goods, Transfers and Common Pools”Juergen von Hagen, University of Bonn

May 29, 2015
”The Legacy of the Euro Crisis and How to Overcome it’, Paul De Grauwe, London School of Economics

May 29, 2014
”Politically Acceptable Debt Restructuring in the Eurozone”, Charles Wyplosz, Graduate Institute Geneva

 September 27, 2013
”The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit”, Charles Calomiris, Columbia Business School

February 16, 2012
”The Sovereign Debt Crisis in the Euro Area”, Athanasios Orphanides, Central Bank of Cyprus

 May 31, 2011
‘The Sovereign Debt Crisis, Financial Stability and the Fiscal Policy in the Euro Area”, Lucas Papademos, University of Athens

October 26, 2010
”Central Bank Lessons from The Global Crisis”, Stanley Fischer, Bank of Israel

April 7, 2010
”A Lecture on The Economics of Happiness”, Andrew Oswald, University of Warwick

May 6, 2008
”Building a National Health System: Learning from Other Countries’ Mistakes”, Brian Ferguson, University of Guelph

 April 13, 2007
”Migrant Ethnic Identity: Concept and Policy Implications”,Klaus Zimmermann, Bonn DIW

 March 3, 1999
”Monetary and Fiscal Policy With and Without the Euro”, Christopher Pissarides, London School of Economics 

September 19, 1977
”Pitfalls and Potential of Financial Liberalisation”, Maxwell Fry, University of Birmingham

”Deposit Insurance: Do we Need it and Why”, Anthony Santomero, University of Pennsylvania

”A Window on Econometrics”, David Hendry, University of Oxford 

 March 23, 1994
”Why is Unemployment so High Almost Everywhere”, Robert Solow, MIT

 September 3, 1993
”Banks and the Control of Corporations”, Charles Goodhart, London School of Economics